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Well, now you have. I’ve got better targets still. Pasha! Go get them. Angela, shall we get started on the kebabs? Can I shoot the AK, please? Ask Stepanych. Stepanych, can I fire your AK? Sure. He’s a grown boy. Let him. Stay with us, gals. It’s about to get interesting. Call us when it does. I’ll go and light the grill. Can you manage? I think so game Nice one, Stepanych! Got anyone more current? I’ve got all kinds of stuff. But it’s too early for the current ones. Not enough of a historical perspective. Let them ripen up on the wall a bit. How do we stand them up? Nail them to the log. Do we have nails? No. I’ve got some screws in the car. Let’s go have a drink. Let’s. I’ve got Yeltsin, too. But he’s more small-time. The drunken conductor game We forgot the nails game Your fault. Look at you, girls! There’s a sight for sore eyes! Look at those honed, precise movements! Yeah. We’re quite the roadside attraction! Any bread? In the bag. What else is there? Pickles. Help me. I’m busy. I’m busy too. What are you busy with? With stuff game Kolya, come here! Let’s drink. That’s enough. My oh my, what a guy game Where are you off to, Lilya? Wouldn’t you like to know? Did we bring the charcoal? What for? We’ll run out of wood. Plenty of driftwood. Go get some, but have a drink first. Chase it down. Where’s my drink? Here you are. Thank you. Oh, this is nice! Where is that wood, you say? Past the waterfall. You’ll see it. Got it. Vitya, come down here. I’m scared. Give me your hand. No, I’m scared. Suit yourself. Where’s your kid? And where’s yours? He’ll break his neck. He’ll be fine. Let him run around and enjoy nature. There are no animals here. Man is the most dangerous animal. None of those here either. Well, we’re here. You calling yourself a man? Get a handle on your woman, Pasha. Too late now. Mummy! What happened, Vitya? That man is choking Lilya. Roma saw it and started crying. What are you talking about? What man? The handsome one from Moscow. You coppers just gonna wait for the mayhem to start? Mum,