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Hard Working Dog 4 Two chicken dinners. One without gravy. Two chickens. Hold one gravy. Not “without,” say hold. I learned the restaurant business the hard way. In three weeks, I was a good waitress. One chicken. Hold veg. Chicken. Hold veg. Steak, medium. Club san. Roast beef. Hold one. Combin salad. In six weeks, I felt like I’d worked in a restaurant all my life. In three months, I was one of the best waitresses there. I took tips and was glad to get them. And at home I baked pies for the restaurant. Those’ll be done in minutes. We have a dozen peach, a dozen berry Game Game a dozen pumpkin, a dozen cherry. After we finish the apple, we can quit. I don’t know how you keep it up. Honest, I don’t. I sleep all morning, but you go to that restaurant and work and work. Just like you been sleeping all night, only you ain’t. It keeps me thin. Beg pardon? It don’t do nothing for me. I was doing all right. I was doing fine. I was able to afford an expensive singing teacher for Veda Game Game and a good dancing school for Kay. One thing worried me. That some day Veda would find out I was a waitress. Good afternoon. Everything go all right? I had a busy day today. That’s good. Where did you get that uniform? Miss Veda. She makes me wear it in case I have to answer the doorbell. Miss Veda gave it to you? I told her you wouldn’t like it. I told her right off. But she hollered and went on, so I put it on just to keep her quiet. Is that what you learned at ballet? Do you like it? What have you got on your face? It’s just some lipstick. Lottie! Yes? Take Kay upstairs and wash her face and give her a good scrubbing. My face don’t need scrubbing. I washed it this morning. Go on, hurry up. It can stand more soap and water. Veda. Yes, Mother, what is it? Where did you find the uniform? I was looking for a handkerchief. In my closet? I looked everywhere. Your handkerchiefs are always in your top drawer. Why were you in my closet? You’re making quite a fuss about something which doesn’t matter. If you bought the uniform for Lottie, and I can’t imagine who else it would it be for Game