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Harmony Keeper 2 we have no customer, I’m finished Joon Soo, we have agreed not to talk about love from this day on We decided to drink everyday.l Just drink at the pig feet restaurant Yes, from now only discuss worthy things. Politics, economics, philosophy, environtment Anything else? Wars, Religions. Things such as these, that we put aside instead For all these problems, which turn us weaker.l Yes.l Drink Drink.l Agreed.l As of today, no such thing as love or things similar Ok, drink up. Someday, we will have a more dignified life No, there isn’t As we’ve said before. The topic right now is ”Mad Travelling Phone”. I’d like to hear everyone’s idea game Women are hard to understand Have you seen this? It’s terrible. He wanted to give his best, things turned out this way But, how are you today? Another break up? Isn’t it the fourth this time?l It’s the third and it was me who break up with her Hello.l Kang Joon Soo.l Who’s this?l It hasn’t been that long, but you’ve already forgot me I’m Andrew Ah, how are you?l We haven’t been in contact for quite some time.. But, how do you know my number?l Things were quite complicated for for that. Kang Joon Soo.. When you’re at the army, they said you know Kim Hyun Woo? Do you remember? Now, I got in a position I study abroad Hello, team leader game Today, rain will fall on central area. From the afernoon, and next is Seoul game ea pusat akan turun hujan lebat. Siang dan seterusnya, Seoul pertama kali game My work’s done Your voice’s too loud, jerk I’ll wait for you at the pig feet restaurant, see you there I have a datel I don’t have any Dinner I didn’t need to know that. Why is it you sound so awkward?l Why else? Because I’ll have a dinner. We’ll have some food another time, sorry Why are you like this? Since when did you ever apologised? You’ll have dinner with that man? What did you say?l I’ll get you Hello, I can’t hear you clearlyl I just used this one trick.. Ugh! She’s still playing acts like this.. Oppa, let’s just go home Soon Yoon, why didn’t you just accept those flowers?