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Where’s the captain? I don’t know. What do you know of fate? I know I’m not supposed to be here, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Our master plan, our mapped out future my son. This has been our home for more than forty years, everything here, I have saved for posterity. It’s all relevant. Do you know what this is? This has fate sewn up in it’s pages, this is life, everything you see here will be useful to our but, you’re not mentioned! Unless, unless you’re the twist, an unexplored corner of this map, a clue we’ve overlooked. Who are you? Oh, who are we? First we were banished to this place, then forgotten by the penal system, we didn’t care. I, and a few like minded visionaries Games Have been waiting here, all this time. Our founder wrote down everything we need to know, within the pages of this book. It’s a work of genius, perfectly predicting, every single event, through every. We have kept it’s secrets all this time, look. Here’s the sanctuary in the heavens where we are now, here’s the earth when a terrible fate befalls it, and here’s your ship! No, we’re not even supposed to be here, there was an accident and the computer just went. It tried to kill me. Look, we just need to get some help now! Who wrote this book? An amazing man, his daughter wrote the final chapter. She calculated our fate, she kept the book safe and passed it down to us. The weapon aboard your ship Games It’s the only means that human kind has of defending. Well, she had to take that piece off the board! She died in the twentieth century, leaving specific instruction. She is here! She wrote the book, she is on your ship! There’s no one on the ship! Well, you know, it’s funny. Funny, this remarkable book has been faultless in. Everything, and everyone’s purpose has been foreseen. Hello from the children of planet earth you must contact control immediately, back away or you will be fired upon! Trying to fight won’t help, nothing going to stop them now! Our time, our purpose is about to be realised, we will set a course to earth,