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I just thought I’d fix this before we die from. Okay. Is everything alright? Yeah yeah I’m fine why? Have you noticed anything unusual? No, no I haven’t, why? I think I found the problem with the radio. What sort of problem? Shh! She’ll hear you what sort of problem? I mean the radio, there was nothing wrong with it I checked it the day before, and Meryl said there was nothing wrong with it. What are you talking about? I think it’s Finch I’m not sure, I can’t get into the transponder it can’t be, I was with him on the command deck. It must be, he must have got her to cut the power! Are you sure you’re not being paranoid again. All I am saying, is the malfunctions on this ship have nothing to do with the fact that the ship is. Have you gone mad? No, there is something going on, I’m sure of it! The radio was disconnected. Now I’ve got to go through the whole ship to find out where. Okay, look into it. Don’t say anything to Finch, or her. I could do without the arguments. Okay Harry. How is she? She’s getting worse. She’s questioning her whole existence now. Can we do anything? No, unless she lets me go into her core, it could be dangerous. Right, we need to get this radio sorted out I’ve got to send a report about that accident in the. Yeah yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t know. Just get this sorted out, and don’t start another fire okay? What if he is tampering with the computer? I’ll deal with it, just keep talking to her, be careful! Is there a problem gentlemen? Hi Meryl, no it’s all fine. You appear stressed, would you like a cup of tea? It’s alright Meryl, he just gets neurotic. Good work Rupert! Access to that section is unavailable to the I know we aren’t going home how can you tell? You don’t want us to go home right? I don’t want anything, I go where the crew goes. The crew doesn’t matter to you anymore. What is it Rupert? I’m here to help in anyway I can I know your mission Meryl. Our destiny has been
changed by a force we. We have a more important mission now. We need to tell Harry I need the crew to perform