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fight for what’s important to you. Even if it’s too big for oneself? Then especially That means you’ll also come back if you can’t sell all of them? Listen, I endured your father for fifteen years. You’ll manage for three weeks. You should see him. Now that you’re gone he follows every rule. Hello? Frank? Everything fine? I couldn’t get you on the phone. Obviously it’s Sabbath. I can’t pick up. But you’re good? Just forgot to turn on the lights. As long as it was allowed. And now? It’s Sabbath. Now it’s not allowed. But it’s nice that you’re here. Mom has to leave for three weeks. I got an offer for a reading tour. Really? It’s a great opportunity. That’s no problem. We’ll have time for us two, Simon and me. Really? Thanks. A reading tour? Congratulation. One more thing. About Simon’s decision. Don’t get me wrong: Don’t get any ideas. What do you mean? I am leaving him hear complete. And this completeness doesn’t mean that Where does it come from? This mistrust, this intolerance. It’s a great pity Games At this point I’d like to remind you that I’m leaving my son with someone who’s afraid to use the light switch. Like I said: intolerant. Was I intolerant when you began making our lives a web of rules? No. Did I say anything when you quit your job to become a reader? No, ‘if it makes him happy’. Some find meaning in tradition and spirituality But this isn’t spirituality. It’s compulsion neurosis. Others write os. You didn’t even read the books. That’s how occupied you were with your quest for meaning. ‘Fabienne’s apprenticeship in the creamery’. How can any grownup endure that? Please, Hannah. Welcome to the ‘biblical Hebrew’ course. I’m Zaba. A garden of wisdom awaits you. Hey! We have to show you something. Here in the basement. You’re without me in my basement? We’re waiting for you. You’ll like it. What is that? Are you two crazy? We told you that we’re going to help you. This is All Rebecca. You haven’t seen the best. Here. it’s hers. Original item. Where did you get this from? Just picked it up. It’s incredible