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Hero girls I thought our rats left together. Father. Oh you’re soaking. And me with a nice fire going up in smoke. I waited dinner for you. Yes baby I Games I forgot. Apology’s accepted. I thought you might be hungry so I made an omelet for you like mother used to. Probably not as good but then, I never spent much time in the kitchen. It’s not such a small world carried on your shoulders is it, darling? No, baby. Don’t you care? Boss Cameron is dead. Long live my father. You know? Guess I’ve known a lot of things for a long time. I tried to kid myself. Being away from you so much. School and traveling with Aunt Harriet. Your friends. I didn’t like Boss Cameron. But whatever my father did, I know there was a reason for it. Two. Your mother left us too soon. I wanted to give you everything she missed. It was like a game. Out with the other fellow. Feel inside that you had to win. And you won. Success like straight whiskey. You want more and more. Until you realize the futility of it and want to stop. But you can’t stop. It’s gotten bigger than you. It’s no good. Nothing can lick my father. Look, darling. There’s a boat sailing for South America tonight. Let’s take a trip and. And then go somewhere and start all over. And leave this city? Why it’s my Games It’s impossible that a boy from nowhere Games That one push can topple an empire that’s taken me years to build. Don’t mention it, please. He’s bossy and rude. And stupid. And you love him. Yes. Darn it. What’s the matter, baby? He don’t like me. He doesn’t like me either. I won’t let anyone say things he did about you. I couldn’t. Why we even talked about Spring Valley! Imagine me being dopey enough to marry a jack Game legged lawyer. And live in a dull little town where Games where riverboats shake hands. Not favors. Darling, we’re off to Rio tonight. A glorious trip. New faces. Excitement. A nice long vacation and then Games Time enough to worry about them then. Yes, baby. What’s the matter? Where are you going? We haven’t got much time. George can pack for us. Darling, haven’t I always taking care of everything?