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Hero Monkey That, that, that can’t happen. Where is everyone? In the back setting up for the next shot. Are you Game sure you’re okay? Yeah, Ben, I’m, I’m totally fine. I was literally sitting in the chair and it was like, it, it just got pulled out from under me. Maybe it was Mo, right? Uh, come on. Let’s get back to work. Everything all right? Yeah. We good? Look, we’ve gotta tell them about what happened in the studio. We gotta tell Game what, what? We gotta tell him about what happened Game No, no, no, no. Listen, but Game Ooh, it’s hot. Hey listen Game Uh, why don’t we just dance it through again, just to get familiar with it. It’s been a while. Um, and then I’ll add some notes and, um, a couple elements, um, we’ll talk about later. Uh, we’re gonna do all the zombie sequences The idea is that they’re kind of surrounding the dance studio, and you’re unaware of it. But we’ll, we’ll deal with story later. Hit the music. Count it down, Nico. Five, six, seven, eight. Games ! I need Games ! Makin’ love, makin’ love Game All right, hold on. Stop. Hold on. Hold on one second. You’re on the dance floor. Your bodies so close. But I’m not feeling it. Feel free to like, you know, get in there a little bit, and when, and when y’all drop down around her Game Here, I need you to you idolize her Game okay? It’s okay. You look up to her. You know what I mean? Yeah, exactly. You, you can touch me. And Game At this point,Hero Monkey you need to almost be clawing my clothes off. Exactly. Isn’t that right, Alan? Yes, it is, Lauren. That’s absolut Game Laurel. Yes, what’d I call you? I called you Lauren. Please, that’s ridiculous. Why? I’m hypnotized. Hypnotize me! Let’s feel it! And go. Stop. Hold on, hold on. I forgot something. Hero Monkey Come in for a minute, would you? Um, there’s a couple elements I wanna include.Hero Monkey Bring me that, would you? Benny? Oh, yeah. On behalf of our sponsors, our distributors. Firepower. Brought them in. Muscle man, Muscle Milk. I need you to hold it, but I want you to hold it labels forward, so we can see them Game okay? Okay. Got it.