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me game l want to die in peace game ! DO you always have to over do it! But game l was only telling you what not to do with me game why did he go? did I say anything to him? No! Rana brother game grand pa has sent this for you and has called you down game you don’t need to be sorry game I didn’t feel bad game l am fine game it’s Ok game Sorry? for game ? game check that game our water pump is not working game you did civil right? you did civil engineering game check it game What? There game water game water pump game its not working game Call an electrician game its not my job game What do you mean game its not your job game you must be knowing? Ok fine game l know game but I am getting late so you call anyone else game l need to go game You’re going now? Who who’s going game No no how can you go game ? There’s no water in the over head tank.or in the bathroom game or the flush game how can he go? I don’t care game water or no water game in flush or tank or wherever else game its a plumber’s job game not mine game What? How will I cook? game there’s no water in the kitchen game As if you were making Mutton kebabs game ? Huh! Fish rice game but that too I can’t cook now.we’ll have to order in No mutton kebabs, Dr.Shrivastava told me eat only pulses and rice. But brother how will she cook rice game that needs water too Binod it’s a useless argument game oh she just needs an excuse to avoid cooking What a useless argument game ! Shut up! Where’s the water pump game ? Its on game check the water flow game Not coming game Are you angry? Not your fault game Now game ? Not yet game Am I irritating you? I have a good tolerance game That means I am talking to you forcibly yes game god game just like dad game ditto game same game Don’t compare me with that man. Water is coming game little game With your attitude, you won’t find any companion your entire life game Its not like that game if I seek actively, somebody or the other I’ll definitely find game worry about your self game god forbid you shouldn’t be left