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There must be other girls you can get. You’d be the wife and I’d be the nagging husband. It’s the switch. I got some of the material written down here. Some other time. I Games I got to go back out to the window anyway. They ought to give me a longer break than fifteen minutes. I’ll say they should, Gregg. Know how it feels to be out there for an hour and a half without a rest? I can imagine. One, two Games But I don’t think about it. If I did I’d be in a nuthouse. What do you think about? I got a game I play. I told Sally about it. He pretends he isn’t there. Yeah. I’m counting, see? But all the time I’m thinking I’m not in the window at all. I’m out by the blue Caribbean Games Games and Sally’s with me. Lying there on the crystal white sand in a black bathing suit. And I can hear the waves hitting the beach. I can see the whitecaps dancing across the water. You hurt all over don’t you, Gregg? No. Not when I go to the places where I go. Sometimes I’m on a mountain top and it’s snowing. And Sally Games Games Sally’s wearing a snow hood and Games Games blue ski pants and white mittens. She’s laughing because she feels so cold that she feels so good. How can I get another girl to play my wife? If you don’t play her there’s no act. That’s all. That’s for me. They want me back out in the window. Telephone, Sally. It’s for you. Know who it is? Who else? Don’t answer it. Please. Hi, Johnny. I got your message. Anything wrong? Oh, I don’t know. There was this Mr. Biddal or Bill. I don’t know, anyway, he seemed very upset. He waited around for you about an hour. Game Did he leave a message? Game Oh, yeah. He said Games Your appointment is changed. The time is now. And the place, the Continental Hotel, Hayes Stewart’s room. Darling, what’s better than money? You tell me. The black magic of Hayes Stewart. Darling, give me some magic? There’s the magician. Your magic touch. I’m in a different world. No wonder I’m willing to give up everything. Room .