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Hidden Space Shooter No, noth just, uh, put the little Where’d you get this stuff? Radio shack. Really? Was it expensive? No, no, I picked it up on sale. On sale. Good. Here. Break it. What? Throw it on the floor. Smash it. Use your foot. Come on, come on. Use your foot. Make believe it’s my foot. Smash it. That’s enough. Let’s go. This is the U.S. Border Patrol! You think you’re the first kid to put liquor in mouthwash bottles? It was done in my day. I might have even done it myself. Mr. Kouf, Mr. Greenwalt. Mr. Tepper here sold you a bottle of mouthwash with vodka in it? You will not be punished if you give it to me in five seconds. Good. Good night. Who’s next? If you’re gonna kick me out, kick me out. Don’t make me look like a narc to my friends. If we expelled you, that’d make four prep schools in four years. You trying for the guinness book of records? No, sir. Should we try this one? How ’bout this one? This one? Ah. Yes. Mr. Burg, Mr. Zarpas. Billy Tepper sold you a bottle of vodka. You have until the count of three to hand it out here. One, two Good. Good night. Now, where to next? You made your point. I can’t fake you out. Fine. I admit it. Don’t put me through this anymore. I’m sorry, but I will not have alcohol in my dormitories. Then I’ll get it. I’ll bring it to you. How many more are there? Eight. You better not lie to me. Eight. I believe you. I’ll be in my apartment. You have ten minutes. Do you think we should expel you? Do whatever you want. I’m not about to beg to stay in this school. If we threw you out, who would you live with? Your mother or your father? I don’t exactly have a burning desire to live with either one of them. Then what’s behind this perverse desire to constantly risk getting thrown out of school? You think I set out to get caught? I don’t think you do it purely for fun. I was having loads of fun until you came along. Should I pack or what? Shut up and sit down. Stop acting like such a tough guy. It doesn’t impress me. I’m not going to expel you. Three schools have done that and it’s obviously done nothing for your character.