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I want to talk about it. What about what I want to talk about? Does that count for anything? Bev made some good investments, believe it or not, We had money for you girls in his will, but.. we talked it over after some times passed and decided to change things, leave everything to me. We didn’t get around to taking care of it legally, but.. you should know he meant to leave the money to me. Okay. Okay. Okay? Okay. Karen, Okay? Yeah, Okay. Okay. But now some of this furniture, some of this old shit you can just have. I don’t want it, got no use for it. Maybe, I should have an auction. Sure, an auction’s a fine idea. Some things, though, like the silver, that’s worth a pretty penny. But, if you like I’ll sell it to you, If you like. For cheaper’n I might get in an auction. Or you might never get around to the auction, and then we can just have it for free after you die. Barbara Game You might at that. Bill? I was wondering, You reading those poems.. Which ones did you.. ..choose in the end to read? Well I.. Bill, Where are you living now? You want this old sideboard? I beg your pardon. You and Barbara are separated, right? Or, are you divorced already? No, we’re separated. You thought you could slip that by me, didn’t you? Nobody slips anything by me. I know what’s what. Your father thought he’s slipping one by me too, right? What is the matter with you? I’m sorry you two’re having trouble, maybe you can work it out. Bev’n I separated a few times, course we didn’t call it that. Help us, with an illustration from your storybook marriage. Truth is, you just can’t compete with a younger woman. It’s just one of those unfair things in life. Is there a younger woman involved? You’ve said enough on this topic. Yes. There’s a younger woman. Well, Y’see? Odds’re against you there, babe. Mom believes women don’t grow more attractive with age. Oh, I disagree, I.. No.. I didn’t say they “don’t grow more attractive,” I said they get ugly.