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I just have to look at your animal because we were trying to see how you did it. He’s making us look bad. Time’s up! We finished. Make sure your MOC is arranged the way you want it to be seen. Step outside and come back in ten minutes. Congratulations! Let’s bring them in, let them know what’s going on. You guys did such a great job, it was really hard to tell who was our champion. So, Number , won’t you stand by your MOC, please? Winner is Number ! We basically split off. We each built a mech. So I built the pig mech, and Chris built the cow mech. So they’re kind of like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots? Yeah, I think what we really liked about the MOC, and what made it really win, was the fact that not only did you use the small pig and cow heads here, but you also constructed robotic ones from scratch with the bricks you were provided. The winner was, I definitely agree game Was really a standout. I knew we’d have tough competition. These are some really amazing builders. I mean, I’d like to think that we came in the top , which was pretty good. CHEERING Shortly after the master build Jamie introduces the new Parisian Cafe set to much fanfare. Then participants gather in the main hall for the annual award ceremony. Alice Finch’s Rivendell build is being considered for the coveted People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice Awards are those voted upon by the public. We counted all those up, and we came up with Winners of People’s Choice. And the winner is game Rivendell! CHEERS AND APPLAUSE It’s a pretty amazing feeling to have , people say that they like what you build. To have a woman win is pretty unusual. To have the same person win three years in a row is unheard of. One of the fundamental ways we know about humans and our history is by the things that they build. Maybe little plastic bricks are a modern adaptation of that, but really it’s about creating something. We are definitely at the core of what is human, is the capacity to build. In the big picture, life on Earth has evolved through millennia by adapting to the surroundings