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Homer’s Dangerous Driving 4 That’s why he talks about love in such a universal way and why he’s still understood years later. Thanks. I’ll be leaving now. I don’t want to go down in history as a loser, like Dante. I don’t give a shit about being understood in the year. I want to meet Beatrice, now, let’s go. Come on, I’d almost convinced you. I’m not helping you anymore, okay? Definitive plan. Beatrice has come to see this movie. Yes. The girls all start crying during the kissing scene. So, what do you have to do? At : p.m., now Game you enter into action, go in the theatre you see Beatrice and say something. Okay? Yes. Go on. Otherwise we could do this, look. No, it’s now or never. Come on. Beatrice? Why don’t you reply to my messages? I love you. Every night I dream about your red hair. What are you saying? I could be your mother. No Actually Game But Game Oh my God! Sorry. Oh, sorry. The bag was in the way. Beatrice. Do I know you? Quiet! Yes I mean, no. I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time. By throwing yourself on the floor in a movie theater? No, you’re right, sorry. I came for you. I wanted to tell you that the color of your hair Game Will you stop it? Come on. I’ll see you at school. Okay. See you at school! See you at school! Hey, did you hear that? She said ‘see you at school.’ You’ve been telling me for a fortnight Game Enough! What bad luck, though. First she’s at home for a week with a fever. Then the Easter holidays get in the way. Don’t complain, come on. Holidays are sacred. I really think that our youth is over. Hey, idiot! You’ll break my guitar! Stop! Stop! My bike flies! It’s crazy but I’m so happy school’s starting again. Hey, Niko! Today’s the big day, eh? Well Game By the way, look at the upperclassmen. What do you think happened to her? There, outside the school. Whatever it is, they deserve it. Sometimes there’s justice in life. Can you see her? What? Can you see her? No. She usually passes over there. No, I don’t see her over there. Silvia, what’s happened? What is it, Silvia? Beatrice is sick. What do you mean she’s sick? She’s got a fever?