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Horror Adventures 2 I’ll say goodbye Game but not with words. Come. We’ll be artists Game one last time. One last time? Yes. You mean it? Do I ever say what I don’t mean? I’ll make it the very best. Yes. Viens, chérie Game Qu estce que tu fais, chérie? Viens There’s no sin He hasn’t sinned His life’s a candle In the wind Always hanging By a thread With eyes Cold and dead His world Is neon lights Lonely streets And empty nights The only dreams Left to find Are in the shadows Of his mind But somewhere Some way Someone Some day Will show him love and then He’ll start to live again Well, the car was registered to Far East Imports Incorporated, which is owned by Ibsen Properties Which is? Uh, which is I’m working on that So far, I got no Victors Hmm. You OK? Yeah. Bored. Anything I can send you? Heh heh. No, thank you. All right Nosh. Yeah She just came in. I got to go. OK Bye Where the hell you been, for Christ’s sake? Hello, my angel. Come on. Open the drapes. Get some air. Want some wine? That’s good, ’cause I don’t have any wine. How about a little pizza? God. Looks terminal. Who the hell is that? Aah. God. Police officer. Open up. What’s going on? What’s your name? Henderson. Is that elevator on the th floor? Yes, sir. Are you sure? Yes, sir. Police officers are on their way. Tell them to seal off the basement and lobby. Where’s your fire exit? There. Who’s coming down? If he gets past me, stay out of the way. I hear that. Don’t move. . OK, Nosh, hold it by the head, will you? Uh, let me see. That’s, uh Game inches. This is not my favorite thing, you know, Barrett. I’m in Personnel, remember? Only take a minute OK Will you look at this apartment? By the fingers, see? It’s gorgeous. We’re on the wrong side. That’s it, right? Wait a minute. I see M.E. I see Forensics. I see Vice. Where the hell is Homicide? Uh Game We didn’t call them. You didn’t? No. We want to do it. Do what? Handle it. Handle it?. You’ll handle yourselves right off the force. The rule is, Homicide gets notified before anybody takes a breath or goes to the goddamn toilet.