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Horror Adventures Homicide gets notified. Where’s the body? Morgue. What’s her name? Jane Doe. Oh, Jane Doe. That’s original. God damn it. How’d you get her down there? Ambulance. Probably a sawedoff shotgun Game about inches under legal, I should think. Looks like a cannon. Mmhmm. Probably doubleought, you think? Maybe. He shoots her, then he walks away nice and quiet. We’ve got the whole thing on tape. This guy’s very cool. Arch, for Christ’s sake, are you in on this? She was ours, Friscoe. Somebody blew her up. You know how far over your head you are? No. How far? Well, they’ll nail your asses to the wall. Mine, too, and I got years to retire. You keep telling me that. I’m calling Homicide. Oh, bull. They’ll bury it. You know that, Friscoe. Oh, shut up. No, they’ll lose it, Friscoe Well, what can we do? I mean, we can’t go after Hotchkins. All you got is a tape. Would you look at that hole? Christ. The killer stood approximately Game here, pressing the gun against the door Game tall enough to get his body weight behind it. Probably a sawedoff shotgun Game About inches under legal, I should think. We’ve got the whole thing on tape. Shut up. This the same one who iced that Chink hooker? Asian, and I’m checking on it. And I’ll talk on you. Asian? College. Twigs Game call me later when you finish the autopsy. Mmhmm. Barrett, come on. Hey, where are you going? I’m going to that building over there. Whoever iced that lady was watching her at the same time I was watching her. There’s only one empty apartment over there. You were in it. There were where people were out of town Game I told you to shut the up. He would’ve checked on it. We’re dealing with a professional killer here I mean, this guy is cool He’s what I call an ice man, and he’s not stupid, either First door on the right. I suppose you’re going to pop it. Why don’t you just get the manager up here? He’ll get the house key. He’ll open it up. I was never good at this. Even when I was good at this, I wasn’t good at it. How about you, Barrett? Were you ever good at this? Yeah.