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that she killed after love. You keep thinking that there’s a relation there with what happens to us. I think it all started with the arrival of this strange man. Remember during new year’s when he told us that his car was the only one not broken down. And how could he arrive without getting wet in the middle of this terrible storm? And the phone started to work again and the lights came on exactly when he entered in our house. This man is not normal. We’ve never seen him in the day and he lives alone in this huge house. He has no servants. What is he doing? What is he looking for there? I will talk to him. No. You would awake his suspicions. Maybe what you found on Fausta could put us on a track. What else did you learn about her? She had relationships with wizards and necromancers. She was even accused of having relationships with a human vampire. A vampire? Yes. It was claimed that with his help, she murdered her husband. This is why she was walled in? No. It was much later. I’ll tell about her first husband. First she tried to stab him. But she only succeeded in hurting him. Wait. While he was convalescing she strangled him in his own bed. Ricardo, I am afraid. I just remembered. In his house Gonzalo showed me a portrait. It was a portrait of Fausta. She looks like me. For a moment I thought the woman in the portrait was me. I understand. It seems that by a supernatural fact you’re forced to relive her experiences at other times. There was one thing that distinguished us. Her collar. So you continue to believe that it was your wife. No, I do not believe it Inspector. I am sure. I saw her as I see you now. But your brother says she was with him when someone tried to kill you. Yes Radio and what does it prove? You do not understand that he must be in cahoots with her. Anyway this is not enough. We will need to have more evidence. Please Radio do not leave me alone again. I’ve been watching you work for awhile. Why don’t you do something more interesting? You do not seem very nice to me. What happened to you?