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Horsey Time 4 What do you say, girls? This place, all of us, are all yours, darling game Don’t be shy. All this without any price attached. Thank you, sweetheart. So, tell me something. Who amongst the three of you is going to stay back here? Oh! Good choice. There are massage parlors for the exotic items that are special! Let’s go or are you going to keep staring at this girl game How many times have I told you to ask for more money? Why do you keep agreeing to these terms? Hey, I’ve been waiting for my waxing. Hold your horses. Just do his waxing. Oh, God! Even the hotel rooms are so filthy. I can’t do it in this amount. I get it, but just go this time. The client is filthy rich! Fine! Call me in an hour or so. Give me a hug at least before you go. Okay game Bye, mom! Bye game Mom! Do you guys have any problem? I had kept her in my womb for months. She’s got to do what she’s got to do. Dealers operate from the G.B Road. We are event managers. You know, event managers. And the sole agency for lads is with Chhaya. What’s this Fugly? What’s this Fugly? What’s this Fugly? This Fugly game Hi! Hi game I’m missing you a lot! Hi, my orange bar. My cutie pie! Want to have some action? Oh my goodness! What’s gotten into you? What are you doing? You’re aggressive! That’s amazing! Passion, baby, I love it! Wanting you, baby. Tell me something. What are you wearing? What? What are you wearing? Shirt and pant! Should I take them off? packs, above and below the belt game I’m not like that! I’m not! Oh, I got carried away. No! Stop giving excuses about the phone, darling. Have the guts to say it. Come on, say it that you want a man. Hello? Come on, tell me. Say it that you want a man game I don’t want to do anything game Just give me my phone back! Hello? Who’s behind you? Give me my phone. If you don’t want to do anything, then did you come here to start your own business? What? No! You’re going to be cheaper than me game Come on game What are you doing? What the heck is going on? Leave that dimwit! Help! Dimwit! Who are you? Aditya! Aditya!