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I am deeply in debt. Damn leeches. Take care of it, will you? I can’t just erase your debt. Of course you can. You just sign a piece of paper. And let my friends spend the state’s money on bad gambling? How do I explain that to the people? To hell with the people. birds chirping Are you even listening? I’m broke. Sophie is leaving me. I can see it in her eyes. She no longer smiles at me. I could lend you the money. How much to keep them at bay? Who the hell do you think you are? Woman: You cannot call Her Majesty very sociable these days. She mainly keeps to herself. Pardon me, but when was she ever sociable? May I walk with you? I’m not staying at the summer residence much longer. Back to your duties? Yes. How are you? It’s kicking all the time. He wants to come out and see his beautiful mother. You mean “she.” Juliane: You do realize that lying to me would be an act of treason. If that sort of lechery takes place, and you know about it, it’s a mortal sin to conceal it. You’ll end up in purgatory. We swear. We don’t know anything. You’re excused. And not a word to anyone! Sighs I know what I saw. Door closes I saw something. Caroline screams grunts It’s close. Breathes heavily grunts Why did construction come to a halt? We have no money until taxes are collected. The roofs are rotting. Hartmann: All the changes cost money. We can’t afford it. We’ll have to look at the nobility’s appanage. Sighs Are you serious? Yes. The Court has been throwing titles at them for years, they don’t lift a finger. They just drain the state funds. All the Court will go against you. Even your supporters. How much would that give us? Not enough. Guldberg is already whispering in the ear of anyone who’ll listen to him. How about the military? We haven’t been to war in years. Hartmann: The military? Are you sure? door opens Her Majesty has delivered a daughter. She is receiving shortly. Footsteps depart door closes whispering baby fussing I need peace and quiet. Yes, we will go celebrate. Everyone is invited to my chambers.