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They’re OK. They found them. Well what? Did you have a good holiday? Yes! What do you say to Uncle Buck? Goodbye! Uh, Ducobu! You are the worst student I’ve ever had, but Games But I like your resourcefulness. I like you too, though you’re a little Relou. Are you in trouble? Of course! I might lose my job. Maybe the last time in any classroom for me. Maybe not. What if I Games Tell the gendarmes we got lost because, we didn’t follow your instructions.. But the other children will be questioned! I do not think Gratin will lie to the police. Gratin I can handle. But on one condition. What do you want? Average for this term. Goodness gracious! Ducobu, you know, it’s impossible. In this quarter you have nine zeros! Even with in the treasure hunt, your average will be one. Give me some more ‘s. But but Games This is bullshit. Little beast! Leonie! Latouche will be fired! What? We must say that it was our fault. Okay, I failed, but this is no reason Games If Latouche is fired I will be sent to boarding school. And the most unpleasant thing Games I’ll never see you again. Ducobu, all right, I’m convinced Games Okay, but on one condition. You stop cheating. I promise. We welcome Minister Mom, stop drinking! Well, to our children. Yes, to our children. Herve, what are your plans for tonight? None. Then come to supper. I will make a casserole of macaroni. With pleasure. I love casseroles. Especially pasta. I do not want to take the fifth grade! I can not stand another year with Ducobu. I’ve found another teacher. How? I have no time. The Minister is about to arrive. Why are you sitting here? I didn’t do anything, Monsieur Latouche. Gustave, a disaster! I lost my glasses. You have not seen them? They probably here somewhere. Where? Over there. We are gathered here today in the schoolyard, To pay homage to the courage of one student. I deeply admire Games That’s my son. Games Courage and dedication this boy and Games I’m sorry, it’s the president. I have to answer. Yes, Monsieur President. Of course.