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Hungry Big Sumo trouble concentrating on his pitches at this point. Ease to the stretch. Here’s the pitch to Bonilla, and Bonilla rips it down the third base line. It’s rolling toward the corner. Gooden scores easily. Now the ball’s bouncing around in the corner, and Coleman is tearing around third. He’ll score. Bonilla around second, holds up, goes back into second with a double. The Mets lead to . Five to , and you got to wonder if the Dodgers can ever recover from this deficit. That should be it for Hershiser. In fact, Tommy Lasorda’s coming out of the dugout right now. Before he even reaches the mound, he has motioned to the bullpen, and in, in relief, comes Ramon Martinez. Lasorda using every arm he has available to try and win this series. Meanwhile, the game competitor game Listen to me, Sister. Listen to me good. The other cops will just put these guys through the system. They’re juveniles. They’ll walk. Get it? But I’ll beat the system and do justice. Real justice. For you. I have already forgiven them. Come on, lady. These guys put out cigarette butts on your game Get with the program. How could you game How could you forgive these mother game These game These guys? Excuse me. How could you? Deep down inside, don’t you want them to pay for what they did to you? Don’t you want this crime revenged? I’ve forgiven them. But game Do you have the right? You’re not the only woman in the world. You’re not even the only nun. Your forgiveness will leave blood in its wake. What if these guys do this to other nuns? Other virgins? Old women who’ll die from the shock? Do you have the right to let these boys go free? Can you bear the burden, Sister? Talk to Jesus. Pray. You do believe in God, don’t you? That Jesus Christ died for your sins? What? You got something that you want to say to me? You game . You rat game er. You rat game ! Here’s your game What? Say something. I know. You’re just standing there. What am I going to do? You gotta say something! Something! You game ! You game ing stand there, and you want me to do every game ing thing?