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Hungry Dora 2 At that time, I weighed pounds which was pounds under the minimum weight. So, in order to make weight, I put heavy objects in my pockets to make me heavier. Pacquiao, very impressive young fighter. At the beginning, he had no finesse. He threw punches from way out, from the left and from the right. He’d just go game He’d just go forward, attacking without any rhyme or reason, or style, or finesse. Pacquiao with a good combination. A little bit of trouble there. And look at Manny Pacquiao trying to psych out Armando Rocil. But in any case, Manny had a passion for boxing. He saw it as a way of improving the quality of life for his family. Pacquiao nails him with a long looping right. And another left. They’re really slamming it out but Rocil is getting a bad beating from Pacquiao here. The crowd is roaring on its feet. Rocil is slowly getting up, no game He has been counted out. His opponents were, very often, much bigger. They looked much bigger than him. Every time he entered the ring, then I get scared. “Can he do this? Can he handle this guy?” And, he did. Amazingly, he did. Manny Pacquiao. Threw his body with a right and hurt him. And that’s why Pacquiao is leaning against the ropes. Pacquiao on the defensive. Beautiful game Manny Pacquiao game All out aggression coming here from the yearold boy game Good move by Manny Pacquiao game He’s looking for a coup de grâce. Holy cow, that’s it! That’s it! Pacquiao is the World Champion! The jubilant cheers of the Filipino crowd. The new OPBF Champion! I want to greet my fellow men in General Santos City. I wish you all well. I know that you miss me. I already won here. I thank you for your support and your prayers. Because of you, I won by knockout. Thanks to all of you who supported me. Especially, my mom and my girlfriend, Jinkee Jamora. My mom, my dad, my siblings, all my loved ones. To all my fans, please don’t lose hope. I was pregnant during his fight in Antipolo. That was my first experience to see him fight. They wanted me to leave because game game I was months pregnant.