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They agree to meet but then suddenly fall sick. How exciting. Have you met my character? How was that’? It went really well, actually. Did he get to see the film’? Sure. I’d love to join you, but I have to Game Coffee? No thanks Game I have to go. I just came for my jacket. See you. Bye. You know, Anna, that today you’re up here. In a sense, perhaps. I think it goes both ways. I mean all these Game They still see me as the loser too. I doubt it. You’re making a film of your past. You’re a public figure with art projects. Of course they don’t see you down there. That’s more a lingering feeling in you. OK, so it’s not like a documentary. No, it’s pure fiction. Cool! It sounds exciting. Sure we can meet. Absolutely. Can’t you call Sanna, and then we can touch base after that? Hello, Sanna speaking. Hi, this is Anna Odell. Hi! Hi. How are things? Fine. Yourself? Fine. I’ve just spoken to Linda. I’m working on Game I’m out walking with a friend so I can’t talk right now, so Game Could you call me back in a few hours? Hello, you’ve reached Sanna’s voicemail. Leave a message after the signal. This is so hard! I had to go home and shower, just to like Game Before you came’? Yes! My God Game Dare we take a sandwich? I don’t know. What’s on them’? Is it ham’? Are they edible? What if they’re poisoned’? Here you go. I remember that your mum was there sometimes. We had meetings. With the school nurse or someone. Just us girls. What kind of meetings? I don’t know. I don’t really recall either. I remember getting the feeling that Game .’.we’d done something, but didn’t quite know what. At least that’s how I remember it. So what were the meetings about? They were about the fact we were a threesome Game You mean you didn’t want to be a threesome? I don’t know, but there was a lot of talk about how we couldn’t be a threesome. Although I don’t really remember feeling that way. The three of us played together too but sometimes you played alone. I found it hard to be with you at times.