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How come you done got so thin? What they been feeding you? Mama, I gained pounds. pounds! Y’all look great, mama! I thought some of my friends Would be there To meet me at the station. They probably thought we’d like some time alone. I know, mama, But Peewee should have been there. You’ll see him later on. Come in. You’re home. I’ll make you a nice dinner. Surprise! Surprise! Charlie! Who’s she? Good to see you. Hey, how you doing? Russell! How you doing, man? Mama wrote me you was going to be a lawyer. That’s right. I’m almost finished. Hey, Jimmy! That’s great, man. I don’t see any bullet holes. Let me introduce you to Mary Jones. Hello, Wendell. Welcome home. The nigger ain’t changed a bit. Ignores his old friends And heads straight for the ladies. Peewee! Jeez! Oh! It’s good to see you, Wendell. I got a good old moonshine That helps you get up with your mind. Y’all, come on, let’s party. Quit standing around here. Let’s party. Hey, hey! [music plays] That’s a nice lady with Russell. Oh, yeah, but don’t mess around with her. She’s already spoken for. [speaking french] Daddy gave me this– Number . Mm-hmm. Something worrying you? No, ma’am. I’m just thinking about What I’m going to do. Well, the mill isn’t hiring any more people. I don’t want to work at the mill. I got my mustering-out pay. I’ll buy a taxi. I’ll be my own boss. That sounds good. Damn. I won a minirace In the back yard with this. You were always crazy about cars. Zzzoom! You haven’t changed a bit. Zzzoom! Zzzoom! You’ll go on driving a cab? I’ll open a garage. This area needs a good mechanic. Garage? That’s nice, son. Is that what you always wanted to do? Pretty much, sir. Didn’t you ever have crazy ideas? I had a few when I was your age. I had a few, But I shouldn’t talk about it. Go ahead. We all family here. Well, sir, I wanted to be A champion race car driver. That’s the craziest one I ever heard, all right. You didn’t think you’d race with them white boys? Yes, sir. It all depended. Depended on when hell freezes over. Ha ha ha ha! A race car driver.