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Looks bad, doesn’t it? I thought I was going to get across here. We’ll never get across here. They won’t stop. No, it’ll take an earthquake to slow these down. All right, get back in the car. Now what? What are we going to do? We’re going to make a stop sign. Do you mind telling me what we’re doing here? Waiting for it to get dark. I’m so tired, I could die. Ann, you and Karen get into the trailer and get some sleep. Now what? Please do as I say! And don’t leave the trailer. Come on, dear. Why don’t you lie back, too? Up and at them. Come on. Go to the trailer, get a bucket, fill it with gasoline, and bring it back here. What will you do with it? I told you, I’m going to make a stop sign. Now go ahead. Soup’s on. Look, get behind the wheel, put it in low gear. When I give you the signal, start across the highway. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Where will you be, Dad? Don’t worry about me. If you get across, I will, too. Nice teamwork, boy. What about the women? They’ll be all right. When we get to the road, we’ll stop and let them out. This is no time to be advertising Shibes Meadow. Too many people know about this spot already. I’d like to find a place nobody knows. There was that cave we found the year before last. What cave? The one you wouldn’t let me explore. How big is it? You told me not to go in. Come on. How big is it? Big enough to live in? And how! Move over. I need some help. Get the hatchet and the axe and a coil of rope. Bring it down to the bridge. Take the hatchet, knock off that end of this crossmember here. About there. You gonna knock it down? Yeah, go ahead. Take the end of that rope, tie it on the back of the trailer. Okay, get in the car, put it in low, and start out when I tell you. Okay! Go get the other end of the rope. That cuts off one avenue of attack. Attack? Yes, dear, attack. They can still reach Shibes Meadow from Claxton. I guess there’s no such thing as complete isolation. That’s quite an admission, coming from you. All right, where is it? It’s up here. Here it is. Okay. Not bad.