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communication has now been restored. Among the targets of this devastating attack were New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Damages and casualties are extremely heavy. London, Paris, and Rome have suffered almost total destruction, it was learned. We have retaliated in kind. Key targets of our counterattack ave not yet been announced. Those of you who have shelters are urged to stay in them. There are reports of looting. Proceed with caution. The organization of military and law enforcement is underway, but will take time. We will return with more bulletins in two hours. Dad, look, isn’t that the car that almost wrecked us? Aren’t you going to stop? gallons. That will be $. $? Right. It says ¢, right there. ¢ a gallon comes to $. I didn’t have time to change it yet. It’s $ a gallon now. Why? Because people have been paying it. People say LA’s bombed out. I haven’t got $. Then you just start hauling out them cans, Mac. Of course, it don’t have to be money exactly. I might settle for some jewelry. Like a nice watch, maybe. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal on that trailer. Not much use for it, if you ain’t got gas for a car to pull it. You don’t leave me much choice. Dad, that was quite a belt! You get in that trailer with your mother and Karen. What for? It’s going to get rough from here on. I may need some cover. If I stop the car, grab a shotgun. Don’t get trigger-happy. But don’t be gun-shy, either. If you have to use it, use it. All right, hold it. Just one of you come forward. All right, hold it! Don’t worry, mister. I ain’t coming any closer to you than I have to. What do you want? We’re not letting any of you people from LA into our town. We don’t want any trouble. Just turn around and go back. We won’t stop. We’re going right through. That’s what some other men said. Before they left the town, they busted up our drugstore and damn near killed the owner. You’re gonna have to double back. All right, we’ll go. Now get back with the others. Sorry, mister, we’ve got to protect