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What do you say? MARS: What I’ve got here is an XM assault rifle. Laser ranged. mm high explosive airburst rounds. Can be programmed to detonate over or behind a target. FIRING GUN He’ll do. Final candidate, John Smilee. Guy’s got the most heat in the industry. A lot of skills, Marines, Special Operator. But there is an issue. What issue? A classic authority problem. FIGHTER GRUNTING There’s a couple more swimming around in there, too. CROWD CHEERING GRUNTING BELL DINGS ALL CHEERING Sorry, Barney, for wasting your time like this. He’s not the guy I thought he was. No. I wanna meet him. BLOWS NOSE Oh. John. Meet Barney Ross. Didn’t do much to impress out there today, did you? You called me, I didn’t call you. Took a dive for the money? Maybe you like getting your ass kicked in front of strangers? What do you guys want from me? You runnin’ from somethin’? I don’t know you. But I know you. Oh, yeah? Yeah. How’s that? BONAPARTE: Maybe he thinks you’ve got potential. We’re short on time. That about right? That’s about it. Well, that’s your problem. And your problem is you’re rolling around in the dirt for chump change. Hmm. I hear you lost a few friends in the desert. They bought it. You didn’t. You wear the guilt. I’ve been there. He’s been there. We all lived it. But you don’t know me. I know the type. Bonaparte, you were right. You did waste my time. Hey You didn’t waste your time. ENGINE REVS POP MUSIC PLAYING If you’re going after Stonebanks, we might wanna talk about financials now. Normally, it’s just %, but I figure with Stonebanks in the equation, I might wanna get my fee, well, possibly now. Right. I mean, not that you’re not good for it. Just, if you don’t mind. I don’t mind. Sounds like you don’t have too much faith in me. I don’t. CHUCKLES DRUMMER: How was your vacation? Ready to go to work? Did you find him yet? He’s in Bucharest putting together a deal with some Albanian mobster. You’ve got hours. That’s your window. After that, he’s back off the grid. Satellite map. Coordinates for where he’ll be.