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Ironman Fashion Got it? Go home. Christ, you’re all worked up. And Allan is the new foreman. Daddy! How much candy can we get on the ferry? Who said you can get candy? Come on, Dad! Andreas, did you find your Wellies? Great. Have you even packed yet? Sure. Where’s my blue fleece? On the clothesline. I’m bringing my Nintendo. I’ll only be ten minutes. I can give you a % discount for an order this size. Not good enough. I need at least %. ? Forget it. I’ll be really generous and offer you %. It’s not enough. I need a better deal. Thanks for your time. Halbo, slow down. Let’s not be hasty. What the hell, I’ll give you %. You’ve got a deal. Sounds good. Let’s do it. You’re so hot. I mean, you’re sizzling hot. You know that? Dad, we need new fishing rods. We’ve got rods up at the cabin. But they’re ancient. Can’t we get some new ones? Maybe. We’ll see. Sizzling hot. You’ve cleared two levels now. I haven’t even tried it yet. Stop it! Let her have it. It’s my machine, too! Stop it! It’s mine! Knock it off, you guys. How about keeping your eyes on the road? Let me have it! Enough of that racket! Andreas, just give her the Nintendo. It’s mine, too! Will you stop it? Give it to me! Andreas! Knock that shit off! Hey, take it easy! Carsten, what’s up? They’ll be charging us day fines starting Monday. What’s that? We’ll be fined starting Monday. They said they’d give me a week. Knock that ing shit off! Are you completely out of your mind?! Are you okay? You okay? Easy, easy Game Rikke, the day fines start Monday, and we haven’t got the money. I’m really sorry, but what else can I do? You guys go on up to the cabin and have fun without me. We got cream puffs. Listen, kids. I have to go back home. I’ve got some work to do. You and Mum go on up to the cabin and have fun, okay? Okay? So you won’t be coming? No. But if everything works out I’ll join you in a few days, okay? Sweetie Game Bye. Why do we have to start paying now? You gave us a week. Dammit, Tom, we had a deal! You bet your ass I am! No dice. We’ll just have to work harder. Is LemvighMueller sending materials?