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Magivers reported dark zoned areas where the surface shows greater solidity. Now we’ll have to explore to find the right place to plant the bomb. And once that’s done, we’ve got to get out of there and fast. We’ll try to get into Magivers’ ship, but wait for my orders on that. I want no undue risks. You’ll all be hooked up with me. We’ll divide in two squads. The antimatter will be carried by Captain Perkinson. You’re all on your own with the exception of you Frank. I want you to Game Commander? Yes, Sergeant. It looks like stabilizer resistance indicators are rising. It looks like there’s no time to waste. We’re going out at once. You send word to General Norton. I want an okay on the antimatter. Yes, sir. Well? It looks like we ought to get over there. And we’d better make it quick. Let’s go. I’ll brief you as we go along. Send an urgent message to General Norton. Specific request to employ antimatter. Gamma Flagship to space station. Commander requests specific use of antimatter. He could blow himself up with that stuff. I guess he knows that sir. hours. As Game moves with his team towards the asteroid, he realizes that its presence defies all scientific fact. Despite its small size, it’s gravitational pull was capable not only of drawing Outpost Lobe into it, but perhaps causing a wind in space never heard of before. Game wonders whether this could’ve lead to a chain reaction of gravitational compensation a” the way to earth. Lobe must be hidden behind one of those gas shrouds. It must be there somewhere. But I can’t see it. You’ve got to try to get us out of here. We’re sinking. We’re being sucked down. Game reports there is no extraordinary change of temperature at the planet’s surface. The heaving, gurgling magma is not a boiling substance after all, but a kind of cold gluten or jelly, the vapors coming from the blasters are cold gas. These do not come from the craters, but are blown out, almost exhaled from the magma. Stay close to me Terry.