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Late at night, there was no light at all, so we were just sitting there in completely darkness and that time really, really, really went slowly. What we did, James and I, we started to develop a way of passing through these hours of darkness by giving each other, like, massages. And It sounds a maybe a little bit strange or , or whatever, but… But there was something, there was something nice about it. And James asked me, “Can you teach me how to give like a real nice massage, so when I get out, and I meet a woman, I can really impress her?” So we started having these kind of lessons, you know? Our body had witnessed a lot of trauma and the fact that somebody is actually touching you and it’s a nice feeling, for me, it was a nice way to feel a little bit human again. And James, he never learned how to give a proper massage, it was awful every time, so he really, he really managed, to get a good deal out of that one. I remember one time, we were given a lot of dates to eat and at some point we were moved and you just don’t leave food behind, or destroy it or whatever, but sometimes you have to do it because there’s no where to put it. James, he just took out his pants and he took out like two-kilos of dates. “Don’t worry, guys.” He could have taken all the food by himself later that night or whatever, but he always took the things so he could share it around or give it to the people who didn’t have it. In the beginning of James’ and John’s captivity, they were really starved. They didn’t like to talk about it, they didn’t find it very interesting to talk about, but one thing I know was that… That they really, really, really had a difficult time. But they managed to get back on track to gain strength again. It was very interesting to see what happened between James and John because they’ve been together for almost a year. When I first saw them, that meant they have spoken about every single thing there is to talk about. So I was basically the one starting to listen to all James’ story again. There was a period of time in the prison