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She’s not gonna be there. I wasn’t thinking that. Okay, then forget I said it. It wou d be a good opportunity for you to meet some new peop e. Come on. No, i I don’t know. I just it wou d be weird. You’re being weird. It’s practica y on your way home. Come on. We’ sp it a cab. I’m not being weird. You’re being weird, et’s just go. It’s they’re a good band. Fine, on y if you can find a cab. A right. This is weird. Everyone knows you can’t find a cross-harbor taxi at this time. There’s usua y a ong ine of taxis here. Here we go. No? Come on. See? To d ya. Maybe it’s a sign. A sign of what? That I shou d just take the train home. No. That’s not happening. We’re getting a taxi. A right, I’m gonna give you one more shot. Okay. I’ take those odds. Here we go. This is the one. Hey, Josh. Hey, man, how are you? Hey, Josh. This is Ruby. Hi. Hi, nice to meet you. How’s everything with work? Good. Te them I said he o. Wi do. Thank you. You want a drink? Yeah. That wou d be great. What are you having? I’ have a beer. Thank you. Here you go. Thank you. Cheers. So I want to so, i no, you first. You first. Your friends are great. Yeah. Yeah, they have a residency here. Oh. It’s a coo p ace. It’s coo , right? Yeah. I’m sorry, what were you gonna say? Oh, I want to I want to show you this picture. No. Ten minutes after we met. And this got me into a ot of troub e. Oh, yeah? Yeah. What happened? I to d Sam what happen that night. Mm-hmm. And then she saw this photo three months ater. And she was ike “we , you didn’t te me she was that pretty.” Whatever. She didn’t say that. Whoo! Thank you very much. I think we have a few more songs. What do you guys want to hear? “Hearts!” “Hearts!” Is that their big one? The big one. Yeah? Okay. Come on. et’s go. Oh, no, no, no, no, p ease. Come on, come on. Come on. Josh? How’s it going? Hey, Monica. Good, uh this is my friend, Ruby. Hey. Hi, I’m Monica, Sam’s friend. His gir friend. She knows Sam. Yeah. What are you doing here? Uh, we just came here to see knots and axes, with the guys.