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the finish line. I know your spirit! Keriou’s at miles. Two in view. You can take them! Is that the team manager talking? No, the woman who believes in you. So do as I say, and get home quick. I love you. I can’t hear you. I love you! I can’t hear you. What is it? I think that’s a whale. Careful! Beautiful beasts, but from a distance. If ever it touches us, you can’t imagine. That’s mayhem! OK. You’re lost! You’re lost without me! You’re crazy! Well, little guy! Got scared? Go on, say it! Was school good? Yeah. What did you do? We did math. Yes. French. Yes. We did art. You worked nonstop. Yeah. Why doesn’t Marie stay and live with us? It’s going well between you. And with Mrs. Riboulet, too? Yeah. What? Léa. Come on! I gotta go, Dad. My friend’s here. Okay. Love you! Kisses! Race HQ, Sarsat here! Yann Kermadec sent a distress beacon. Implement the SOS procedure. We’re transmitting his position instantly. Keep calm. Man overboard Mano! What a jerk! Calling Yann Kermadec! Answer Yann Kermadec. Come on, Yann. Answer! Yann’s distress beacon went off. It’s the life raft launching alarm. Yann isn’t answering. And the VHF for boats in the area? No answer either. The weather’s good. I don’t get it. Is it a technical problem? Possibly. I warned sea rescue. A plane’s taking off from Brazil. I’ll call you back, OK? What an asshole! Grab it! You can be such an asshole! Pull! Shit! Hand it over. You total jerk! Your fooling around set off the beacon! They’re all alarmed! You know you’re starting to seriously piss me off! Inside! I didn’t want you eliminated! What do you know about it? You can catch up! If I hadn’t found you? Imagine game alone on your raft? Asshole! Without me you can win! Enough bullshit! Don’t move. Stay there! What happened? You gave us a fright! I wasn’t paying attention. A big wave came from behind. Washed the raft overboard. Then water swept into the cabin and blew the power. It took time to reconnect it, you see? OK, I’ll call you back. Never do that to me again! OK? I was scared. You can’t imagine.