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with all the girly stuff in here? Ah, no, no, no, no. This isn’t Kurt’s bedroom at all. No. This is my bedroom. Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed that you guys were games It’s totally fine, you know. It, it all started with him taking too much time in the bathroom and then I couldn’t sleep with his breathing noises but it’s, it’s all for the best. I love it. You love it? Mmm. So you sleep in here alone? This bedroom is mine. It’s only mine. Mm-hmm. And there are things that I do in my bedroom that no one needs to know about. You know you’ve got a really great look. Uh games Anybody ever tell you that? No. You gotta a really neat thing going on. Mind if I snap a couple? Um games I think I might need some direction or games You don’t. Just do whatever you were just doing. It was great. Really? Yeah. That’s great. Relax. Like that? Yeah. Wait. Okay. Your shirt’s kind of blending in with the backdrop. Would you take it off, please? My shirt? Yeah. All right. You know, I would put money on my husband just being passed out on the floor right now. He usually has a bit of trouble keeping it together when he smokes weed. Oh, he seemed fine to me. We’ll see. One time in college games Mm-hmm. He thought that he was breathing out of his ears and he had a panic attack. Be careful. Careful. I’m serious. He did that. Like that? That’s great, yeah. That feels weird, like games But you know what, it’s weird in real life, it’s great on camera. Yeah. You’re looking for games Hey! Oh, hey, guys. Hi. Hey! Hey. Um, what’s up? See? I told you that he was gonna games It’s okay. Don’t worry. What’s up? Hey. What are you games What are you guys games What we were doing was just getting to the good part. You were getting to the good part? What does that mean? Oh, it’s okay. It’s just painting. Yeah, hun, did you know that Kurt was a painter? No! Painted all these beautiful paintings. Yeah. I didn’t know that. And, uh, he’s a photographer too, which is games Why were you on the ground? There’s nothing to worry about, Emily. We were just free styling.