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Johnny Donut Advanture for Pacquiao. Pacquiao! The millions of people from Metro Manila, from all walks of life, coming up, wanting a piece of him. Maybe catching him on TV, just to see his motorcade pass by. That was one great proud moment for this country. You have to understand Manny Pacquiao’s mentality. Manny Pacquiao believes that he is where he is because of God. That what he’s done is God’s will. Show time. Show time. “Manny, who’s going to win the fight?” He says, “I think I will. ” “You’ll knock him out?” “Well, that’s up to God. ” The best fighter in the world. He says God will decide. I say the guy who’s best prepared will win. So, I know I have both. And down he goes. He’s down for the second time. Oh, my gosh. What an amazing knock out. That is the most spectacular “one punch” of Manny Pacquiao’s incredible career. My favorite part, for me about Manny, is when he’s coming into the ring. He doesn’t look focused and he just comes out with this big smile. And he’s just waving at everybody and it’s like game He doesn’t look like a man who fears he’s going to lose. It’s almost as if you feel the light of God behind him. And he knows that God is following him into the ring. You’d never know, ever, that he’s going to fight. And that’s his energy, that’s not a made up persona. And then he can flip the switch. Round one begins. Pacquiao hits with a hard left hand. And another. Manny landed another right hook. And it’s Cotto with his back against the rope. And he punches Cotto, and he goes down. game totally hurt by that knockdown. You can sense the right punch at the right time. Cotto backs into the corner. He’s in big trouble now. The fight could end in a matter of seconds. We thought Manny Pacquiao is great. He’s better than we thought. For now, we’re going to enjoy our very good victory tonight. And, you know, I always thank God for the fans who always support us. And to all the people who come here tonight. To all the boxing fans around the globe, Thank you very much for all your support. Are we going to see a Wapakman coming out