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a brand new Bella! Let’s go! All right. Should I game Come on, girl! I’m gonna just leave my bag here. Let’s go get into treble! Has this bush always been here? Oh! Watch this. You know there’s a gate, right? Wow. My first college party. Yeah, well, this isn’t just any college party. This is a cappella only! Yeah. So, get prepared to meet a lot of ually confused men. Bellas! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Jesse! Where is Beca? I thought she was gonna be with you tonight. I thought she was with you. Hey! Benji, right? Those aren’t game Okay, those aren’t words. I’m sorry? game the movies? Are you asking me out? Yes. Yeah? Oh. That’s so sweet. It’s just, my game It’s my first day. Um game I wasn’t really planning on rushing in on anything. Hey! Oh. Hey! You made it! Yeah, I couldn’t miss our last Hood Night party. Oh. So? How was the internship? Eye-opening. Yeah, they do not mess around. Hey, Chloe asked where you were. Why didn’t you tell her? Oh. She’s just game She’s locked into the Worlds right now and I’m looking for the right time. I’ll tell her. Bumper’s back! Whoo! Campus security! Bumper! Bumper! Fat Amy’s back! ‘Cause I never left ’cause I’m still here. Whoo! But I’m back, so it’s a big deal because I’ve arrived again! You know, for someone who left school years ago, you’re harder to shake than mono. I’ve got some pretty big news. What? I have been hand-plucked to be put on a waiting list to be put on a very well-known TV singing competition. Really? Yep. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, Bumper. “You shut your face and kiss me, Bumper.” No. “Bumper, please, just shut your trap.” That is not how I talk. You talk exactly like this. Do not. Yes, you do. I don’t. So shut up. You shut up. Hi! Hi. I am so excited to meet the woman who single-handedly created the Bella sound. We’re sisters! I can’t believe we’re sisters! Oh! Yeah, hi! Hi! Chloe texted me we added a Legacy. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Shh. Remind me again why we are at a car show. We’re here for one reason and one reason only. To scout