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Jump n grind Remix Is it that good? Don’t you know, not everything I would do, even for you Aren’t I good enough? Right here with you How was I there? Want to date me? I’m a pretty good woman. th year university student, an OK age, beautiful face. Lively and, I won’t hold you down That’s all I have to say, want another glass? What’s this? It’s the first time I felt such strong feelings. A girl like this can only be in a movie What’s wrong? Sit down, hurry What is all this about? Isn’t it game y? Both of you are alike.l With a wallet? What’s our common likeness? A bit silly, but there’s a hidden courage So, if we say it with weather forecaster way game The silent before the storm I like that Godsend.l The gift.l Career. Have to carefully holding on to the innocent Hyun Woo game l Career? You’re like a shrimp, reaching out your hands, wandering off to look for the scent you’re looking for Take the call. Or, you’d be worried Hello game outside game no What is it? It’s , that’s.. elevator I’ve ruin our date. It it alright? Don’t worry. Just hurry home I might not come back. Call your friend to pick you up Just go.l OK. Take care Hyung, do I have to help with the interview? She isn’t new in the field, she has some experience. J OK, I’m going Where are you looking at? Are you a pervert? Your stocking’s torn.l What? What should I do now? Since my father died, I’ve lived with my mother in Jeju island We then lived in Seoul and I went to elementary school there. My mother grows and sells oranges in Jeju island That’s why she likes to watch weather forecast shows For her, such show is really important, since it correlates with her works on the field. And, I just wanted to say to her that I’m fine Why don’t you just go back to your mother and grows fruits?l I too have that thought But, my mother said that growing oranges doesn’t requires you to have a pretty face and a lovely voice This time, we really get ourselves a treasure indeed. Her face and her body, both are excellent. Here, let’s have a toast, PD Lee Mr.PD Lee game l If you’re like this, Kim HYun Woo won’t feel comfortable.