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What’s this? Rememberthe explosion at the circus? l had passed out, but l think the camera was still on. Now switch off the TV and think about Krishna! Please! Oh my god! What happened? l’ll rewind and show you. Krishna is Krrish! What happened? Why are you girls screaming? Where are you both going? Mom Office! l’ll see you okay. Office? Come on Honey To get our jobs back! Ok bye! Priya, your mobile. Hello Priya? No, l’m Priya’s mother Mother.hello. When did you return from Hong Kong? Hong Kong? l didn’t go anywhere. l’ve been right here And who are you? lt’s me, Krishna. Krishna, who? Priya has told you everything about me, hasn’t she? No, Priya has said nothing about you. You are Priya’s mother aren’t you? Yes.l’m Priya’s mother. Where’s Priya? Priya left for office just now. Office. Right. Thank you Priya, do you realise? Once this footage is telecast Our Krishna will become a world famous celebrity! There’s something about our Krishna! He fooled us so convincingly. ln lndia, as Kalicharan, and here, as Krrish! Didn’t l tell you Honey, the truth always comes out? Look Priya, the truth about Krishna the world is about to discover. .is because you lied! The lie that you love him brought him here all the way from lndia. And imagine! Now we’re going to create a big sensation! You’re right. A lie sometimes leads to very big gains. You didn’t even tell me! What could l say? When his honesty turned my feigned love into a genuine one. l didn’t even realize l’m in love with Krishna, Honey Krishna, Krishna The culprit has been caught at last! He did his best to hide his identity, you know But l finally discovered who the real Krrish is! Why did you lie to me? Why did you keep me in the dark? Where was the need to hide behind a mask, even with me? You’re asking this Priya? Someone who has never been honest with me Someone who kept me in the dark till today l have been unmasked Priya. What about you? What do you mean? Why did you lie to me that you loved me? l took your lies forthe truth and came here. to ask your motherforyour