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Kaban Sprint Time William Tepper. William Tepper. What does your father do, William? He’s a contractor. According to this, he owns the third largest construction company in the world. Yeah, he’s a contractor. You’re not afraid? Hmm? Yes, I’m afraid. Good. Don’t with me. You’re right, Jack. We don’t need Donoghue. We can play with this. I want the slick little bastard that spray painted my car! Otherwise, I’m gonna start arresting any of them damn rejects Game That even show their face in this town! I don’t think so. Take a look at this. Mouthwash. No. It’s vodka. Onehundred proof vodka. So? So you got an Uncle that owns that liquor store down the street. Wait just a damn minute. You wait just a damn minute, Sheriff. We’re gonna make ourselves a little deal here. You’re gonna forget about who spray painted your car, and I’m gonna forget Sheriff! Somebody’s been shot at the Regis school! Come on, Dean. It’s Frank Ingram. What’s going on up at the school? We don’t know. We get fired on if we try to get past the gate. You two, you get your shotguns, get in the back seat of my car and stay out of sight. You don’t want to do that. You want to call the state police or the F.B.I. Don’t tell me what to do. I’ll call them myself. Now hear this up at the school. This is the King’s County Sheriff. Hold your fire. I’m coming up to talk to you. I’m alone and unarmed. Hold your fire. Hold your fire. Shoot at the engine. Prevent them from coming closer. Prepare the antitank. Fire! Sheriff, Deputy Assistant Director Otis Brown. How you doin’? Sheriff has agreed to our assuming jurisdiction. I’ve been briefed on the plane. What’s your assessment? Sir, there’s an unknown number of terrorists with .caliber machine guns Game And antitank rockets. There’s about three Miles of perimeter around the campus Game And their weapons can sweep the whole area. We’ve got to get assistance from the military. I’ll try to get it. No communication from the school at all? None. Your father’s well? He’s tired of being in prison. He’s ready to go home. I’m glad you could get here so quickly, Ed.