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Kangaroo Big Jump The pitch from Fernandez. Swinging. Foul ball. Off to the third base side. One and two the count to Strawberry now as he once again walks around, thinks about what he might see on this next pitch from Sid Fernandez. One and two to Strawberry. New York Mets trying to do something that no other team has ever done, come back from a threenothing deficit in a best of seven series. Strawberry is ready. So is Fernandez. Ease to the belt. The pitch to Strawberry. On the way. High and outside, it’s now . So the string runs a little bit longer. The tension builds here in Los Angeles as Strawberry and Fernandez battle. Dodgers trying to eliminate the Mets. The Mets trying hard to send this series to a seventh and final game. Fernandez wants to change baseballs now. He gets another one back from the home plate umpire. It’s now a count in a game situation. Once again, no team has ever come back from a deficit to come back and win a series. That’s what the Mets are trying to accomplish here. Strawberry, with that big year this year for the Dodgers, trying to continue his hot hitting in this playoff. So it’s lefty against lefty, old teammate against old teammate. Strawberry steps in. Fernandez to the stretch. The pitch. He goes around game Did he go around? The appeal at third. Yes! Darryl Strawberry, on the checkswing, goes too far. He strikes out. This game is over, as Strawberry goes down looking, and the Dodgers are looking at a Mets team that has tied the series at three. What drama on a pitch. And a third base umpire said, “Yes, sir, he did go around.” And the expression on Darryl Strawberry’s face says it all. We’re tied at three games apiece, and the Mets win . This sets the scene for one heck of a seventh game. Pitchingwise, it’s a match made in a fan’s dream. Imagine, one game, and it’s Dwight Gooden against Orel Hershiser. Neither pitcher is as powerful as he once was. Some of their magic removed by a surgeon’s knife. But they are still pressure pitchers who know how to get it done, possibly two future Hall of Famers.