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Katwalk 4 No change in population and their routines. I hope the Party didn’t forget about me. How long have you been here? days. Still counting by days? It’s been years for me. My memory gets bleak. In a way, I feel kinda relaxed. You seem upbeat. Any good news? Do I? Actually, I got promoted as a keyman. Commissioned officer for the Party? Hush! No, I won’t go! As a manager of Sista fan club. You should try to find an interest in the South. Interest game Well, what can you do as an idiot living in a slum? I don’t understand the Party! You’re a top officer! Comrade! That’s a rebellious idea! You can’t measure the missions for our great nation. You look nervous today, Comrade Lieutenant. I am wondering today’s the day? Incredible. I cannot even imagine myself game Please take care. It looks like raining. You brought us pork? I told you so. Can’t wait! Hurry home! Yes! Things’re going smooth. I’m getting the signal. I’m sorry for the kids, however, as they are with a mature woman who went through bitter side of life, their shock shall be minimized. Oh, it’s Donggu the idiot! What’re you doing, Donggu? I game dunno game what to do. God. Hi. It was urgent. Goodbye, my love. CODE OF CONDUCT NO. PEE IN THE PUBLIC SPACE ONCE A MONTH DUMP A LOAD ON THE STREET ONCE EVERY SIX MONTH It’s really weird you caught a cold. Don’t worry ’bout the store and take some rest. I can deduct from your wage. Hi. You dirty pervert shitting on the road. Warned you not to peek at my sister! From today, don’t even look at her shadow! Got it? You idiot? Just go when you’re done. Hey, get up now! I need some time alone. Did I hit too hard? Wait for me! You damn fool. CHO Dooseok, . You should hit back! Market Grannie’s son. Bad tempered like his mom. Too fast? I bet it is. You should hit like this. Look. If you paw the air, hey, like saying look at me! Then, you get in and land an uppercut to him! Try it! Right, like that! Good. Continue! What are you thinking? Throw the punch! Stop that. Bother him no more. He has to clean and do the delivery. Don’t just