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Jack, no dog was not there. He wanted me to just trick. Do you understand? There was no dog. The Devil stole me. I want a different fairy tale! No, you get this story. He puts me in his garden shed. Here. The room is the shed. He locked the door, only he knows the code. You know the numbers, which opens the door. He knows about only one and I have closed seven years. I’ve been here seven years. Do you understand? This story is boring. Jack, the world is so big. So big that you would not believe. A room is just a small, smelly part. Room stink. Only when you uprdneš. Oh God. I do not believe in the your stinkin world. Mom. It is warm again. Mom? Mom? Mom? Egg snake was my longest friend. A nejozdobnìjší. Spoon is the best eating, because the roundest. The labyrinth is the crookedest and hiding things, so I do not know where they are. The toilet is the best on the disappearance of poo. The lamp is the brightest, unless no power. You’re the best at reading and singing a lot of things, if you do not stray days. I’m the best at painting and jumping and growth and almost everything But the turtle may no longer have to worry. Now it is big and its shell is hard. Floats Gulf Stream Atlantic and at the end of the road lays its eggs. This route will now do business every three years for life. Turtles are true? Yeah, absolutely true. I had one as a pet. Crocodiles and sharks? Yeah, it’s real? Really? A bit. They’re real people, But playing in costume. They pretend to be humans, who lived hundreds of years ago. Just television? You were getting better! When the devil comes back, Kick him in the ass. Let me tell you something. I once tried Devil kick in the ass. I hid behind the door, I kept a lid from the tank of the toilet. Before, there was a lid, the hardest thing in the room. When he walked, I hit him on the head. But I messed up. He slammed the door and he grabbed my wrist. Therefore, it is now so painful. Can we wait until he falls asleep and kill him. Yeah, I could, but game What then? There would give us food. And we do not know the code for the door.