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beautiful, Elysian, and a lot ofpeople have had a meaningful life without a partner: Leonardo Da Vinci, Spinoza, Winnie the Pooh. Yes, exactly. Games Yes. Yes! And that was the moment when Mum decided to change course completely. That’s it! What do I need a man for? Pleasure, career advice, friendship Game but I’ve already got someone for all that Game you. From now on, I will decide for myself what happens regarding men. I will decide Game Who. What. Where. And when. Yes! And? Mum didn’t waste any time, and immediately started dating. Do I look like someone you’d fall in love with? Tell me some more about this, uh, Nico. Karel. Games Karel, OK, Karel. He’s a widow. Very funny. And he teaches history. Karel Lindner. What? Karel Lindner? Mum, that’s my history teacher! Help! My history teacher is going to see my mother naked! I’m not going to sleep with him right away! Yes, but it’s a good idea. Do it next Wednesday. We’ve got a test about the Roman Empire. Let me get this straight: you’re selling your mother’s body for better marks? Honestly! OK, guys, is this a bit too much? He mustn’t think of the second he sees me. That dress won’t make him think of the Treaty ofUtrecht. So you don’t knowhim then? Oh dear. Any more tips? Games Don’t talk about yourselftoo much. Don’t talk too much at all. Games Thanks. Have a nice evening. Bye! I think men are intimidated because I am Game me. Or something like that. Do you know what I mean? Games Uh, yes, of course. I understand. Oh yes, I ordered red wine, is that alright? I don’t normally drink but Game one little glass won’t hurt. Cheers? Games Cheers. Karel Lindner didn’t turn up the next day, so we had a free period. But then Game the unthinkable happened. For the first time in my life I Game fell in love. A hostile uterus? Games What exactly does that mean? It means that millions of sperm are dying in the mucous membrane. Only a really good swimmer could fertilize the egg. That does make things a bit more difficult.