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And no one will mind Where are you going with that? Do you really do that? No. What are you talking It’s just something I could do because Monday’s an eternity away When it is Saturday Saturday Get in the car, boys. You’ve got the Invention Convention today. This thing on? Quick announcement. Our science teacher, Mr. Fyde, is no longer with us. He’s dead? What? No. Not like that. He wanted to spend Saturday with his family. So I fired him. I’ll find a replacement next week. Ahem! Anyway“- on to Melvin Sneedly with the first of his Actually, it’s . inventions. Take it away, Melvin. I will now demonstrate a prototype which I call the Robotic Sock Matcher. Never waste time matching your own socks again. The Electromagnetic Lint Collector. Digital Paper Sorter. It’s the homework Automatic cushion. Make it end! And the personal favorite, the binder binder. Having trouble organizing your binders? Well, look no further than this giant binder for binders. Three-hole punch This is the stuff of nightmares. We have to do something about this.