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Kookin’ Kids Tİme 4 Cactus sap. Straight from Mexico. What are you doing? What’s the big deal? It’s just a can. cans make a bike, you know. We’re not into bikes. We prefer horses. Not for you. In Africa! Africa’s miles away. On a bike made out of cans. Two minutes before the apocalypse, and you joke about it. Jokes are a serious business here. Get it? Work less, laugh more. You need a fix of fun. You look underage. Right? When you have no right, take the left. Blondie’s catching on fast. Shit, wrong way round. That’s so yesterday! My folks danced to it. We love it. They’re local. What do you listen to? Amy Winehouse. You and your ecoTaliban buddies, can’t you just get a life? Take it easy, be nice. C’mon, let’s dance. No other city beats Paris. Just don’t live there. Or drive there. We went once. I mean, we’re nearly did. I remember that ring road, one big car park! Bumper to bumper. Maybe k from the Eiffel Tower? Know what? We turned back. We floored it home. And when we saw cypress trees, we howled, man! Paris is alive When’s the last time you went to a game? Seriously? See! We go to watch Marseille for real. We love you, Marseille, we do! Sorry. She’s not bad for ! Can I get some privacy? Go back to Butch Cassidy! Visit the bullring? You’re a strange girl, but a great kisser. How’d you Game When they’ve finished poisoning the aquifers with nitrates and their daughters give birth to headed monsters, they’ll switch to organic, like it or not. What? No, that’s just a game. It’s called: Catch my Gum. For your information, I never fall in love. For your information, I do. C’mon, drinks on me! I’m a happy man! Game over. Home time. I can explain Game Save your breath. You told them you’re underage? Because I’m a girl, right? If it was Adrien Game Good point. Where the hell is he? I detest him! I hate him! He’s trying to protect you. You just met the boy. I’m happy for once, and he ruins it! Don’t be so melodramatic. What did I do to him? He’s scared. Is that so hard to understand? It’s Tiago. He wants to take me to Camargue. Forget it,