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I really like that we see him going back, that we see him going home. Well, and I think this is game I mean, this whole section of the film is a road trip, because Scott and Mike, I mean, they wrote a great script throughout like this section. I remember reading the book and I was like, “This is a great book, I want to direct this. “This is going to be a tricky script to write.” And when I read their draft, this section and then finding a way to bring it all back around and find a visual representation of him learning to appreciate his friends, that’s so compelling. Yeah. And I mean, this was just an amazing day to be on set. I made a playlist. There was a lot of songs that kind of became the songs of on set. There was game A lot of Taylor Swift. Lot of Taylor Swift. Human Robot. Yeah. Human by The Killers. There was, we had Shake It Off and some Prince. Anyway, I made a little playlist, and I didn’t tell them anything that was on it, and each time we shot this I would play a different song so that they could get excited all over again for all of it. And it’s just game I love this song here. I love Q’s look. I love, yeah. This is my favorite moment of the movie. Yeah, this game Little dances. His little dance. It’s so cute. I just game This is one of those moments where I just feel like, “All of these kids gave me an amazing, amazing gift.” Like, trying, gi so much of themselves to bring my story to visual life. It’s really cool. And you too, of course, Jake. But I don’t want to game Yeah, I’m very, very game I was there. I was around. I’m very grateful. It’s a great game And I love this ending. You get a little bit of the naked under their robes from the book. Yep, they were not fully naked, but game They were close to naked. And I love “We shook up the world.” Yeah. Great Muhammad Ali quote. Repurposed for saying good-bye to each other in Orlando. I love this shot and this whole ending scene. I have to say that the last line of dialogue in the movie, Q’s last line of voiceover, was really, really difficult to get to and everybody took