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Kung Fu Panda Run 2 Girls. I have three girls, dude. Hmm? Oh, right. Well, I mean, so what? You can’t even tell at that age. They basically look like potatoes with arms. don’t call my kids potatoes, okay? He’s really freaking out. I feel like you guys should go on without me. Can you guys go on without me? Well, I’m glad you said it. Why don’t you wait in the car, buddy? That’s a lot of sweat. Oh, come on, calm down, okay? You’re making him more nervous. Look, Dale, it’s gonna be real easy, okay? You just got to talk about you and Stacy having triplets. People eat that shit up. You are the heart. All we have to do is be ourselves. Oh, let’s not be ourselves. Ourselves is a dumpster fire. Let’s be better than ourselves. Let’s try to elevate a little bit. That’s a good note. Nobody be themselves. Good tip. And we’re back in , game It’s time to get up, get up, get up and get out, good morning Mike: And we’re back. You know, every week, we like to highlight local inventors and entrepreneurs in our big idea spotlight. That’s right, Mike, and today, we have three modernday Edisons who’ve created a new shower gadget they hope to really clean up with. Please game Welcome Nick, Kurt, and Dale. Pleasure to be here. Now, um, before we get into the product, can you tell us what is it that inspired three regular Joes to go into business for yourselves? Yeah, well, we were we were all working at pretty terrible jobs for some awful bosses. And we just thought, well, if we ever got a chance to be our own bosses that we’d do things differently. And this might be our shot. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so, we didn’t think we’d ever get the chance, but then our buddy Dale here had an amazing idea. don’t go to Dale. Uh, yeah. And, uh, you know, we just started, uh, meeting together to talk about the invention instead of complaining about our jobs. Hey, I think that’s exciting. Well done. Dale, you know, I just want to know, where did the idea come from for a new shower game Head? I have three kids! Nick: Uh, let me answer the question. Um, Dale, uh, had just gotten back from one