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Lazer Penguinman I’ll go ahead Is Hyun Woo serious? It’s like all never happened and just leave it all like that Excuse me, are you PD Lee? My name’s Joon Soo Just sit down, it’s alright. I’ll just stand here. She didn’t know that I meet you here. She sure is depressed because of you Surely, I shouldn’t get in between you, but I hope that you don’t meet her anymore /mr Joon Soo, I know what you want to say, but it’s all in the past for me To meet her or no, you shouldn’t get in between us We are game lPlease, don’t say ”we” I say once more, we are no longer a pair of lover anymore She herself set her feelings for that That’s why, you should not come see me, but see her/ Promise that you’ll never meet her anymore She has a very good friend/ Director game I beg you Please leave her alone, let her be happy So, please end this all nicely. I beg you. Just go back. Put it a little more to the left, higher Left?lStop. Very good You mustn’t let some random guy in. People might think you’re an easy girl Then you should’ve better be my mom/ That’d be good Another one of mom’s wise teachinglPassword is lWhy’d it use your birthday It’s my house, it should’ve used my own passwordlIf, you get sick, who else would take care of you but me? Why’d you bring these ugly pair of shoes here? The world’s a dangerous place, put it in front of the door It doesnt smell that bad Hurry, wash itlSorrylQuickly, put it there..then clean the toilet Do it well, alright Summer comes earlier this year This weather forecast is on eastern area. Today’s weather is degrees. Breaks the record in years.. Everyone must’ve hopes rain will fall Hopefully, tomorrow there’ll be good news Do you think, a friend for years could be a girlfriend? Are you a gay? What?lWhy didn’t you say it from the startlWhat? Attention please. Sit down, please. She’s our new teacher, you may introduce yourself Good morning, everyone. My name is Hee Jin Seriously, working and dancing, why can’t I do both? Why didn’t you tell me first? I wanted to surprise youl Why’d you always game lI’