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Let’s find a prince One, two, three. Test, test. One, two, three. Come on. Not today. Test, test. One, two Game The Games ? Who’s out there? Hey! Alan! Hey, is anybody out there? Open the Games ing door! Open the Games ing Game ! Stop it! Stop it! What’s the problem? I have no idea. What’s that? It’s nothing. Building is settling. Look, I have no idea, all right? But if my equipment didn’t pick up what I just heard, I am going to be pissed! That, or you need to lock me up and start the meds, now. Rewind again. Test, test. One, two Game What the Games ? Who’s out there? Hey! Alan! Hey, is anybody out there? Open the Games ing door! Open the Games ing Game ! That’s good. You’ve got a nice timbre in your voice there. You heard that, right? Heard what? I’m not crazy. No, you’re not crazy. Then what was that, Alan? I don’t know. But I know this, if there was something there, I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I think everyone would bail on us, and we cannot afford that. So, I’ll tell you what, whatever it was, if it was, which it wasn’t, has stopped. Hasn’t it? ‘Cause I don’t hear anything. So, I’ll tell you what. I’ll go keep Lauren busy Game Laurel. Laura, and you, uh, just get everything ready here, okay? And if anything else doesn’t happen, which it won’t, ’cause it didn’t Game Um, then don’t tell me about it. Deal? Great. Don’t Games with me. I’ll Games you up! Games you up Game Alan! Yeah? What’s that? Alan, shit. Wow, that is really Game ugly. Well, you are the authority on that. Aw, that’s sweet. Laurel’s arriving any second, we’re not ready for her. Will you help me stall her just a little bit? Oh, come on. I’m sure you can think of something inappropriate to do with her. If I agree to ignore your Games uallycharged passive aggression, will you promise to ignore mine? At least ’til the wrap party when we get drunk and actually do hook up? ‘Til then, tell you what, you be the bitch, I’ll be the asshole, that way the work will actually get done, and the Games will be so much better with a little friendly anger. Hate you! You sick bastard. Hey!