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yeah, thanks. I..I got lucky. I know how much Barnes mean to you. I really do. Stay home. You’ll only make this worse for all of us. Please. Are you saying you’ll arrest me? No. Someone will, if you interfere. That’s how it works now. If he’s this far gone, then Games I should be the one to bring him in. Why? Because I’m the one least likely to die trying. . Did she tell you to stay out of it? Might have a point. He’d do it for me. , maybe. I just want to make sure we consider all our options. The people that shoot at you, usually wind up shooting at me. Tips have been pouring in since the footage went public. Everybody thinks the Winter Soldier goes to their gym. Most of it’s noise, except for this. My boss expects a briefing and pretty much knows, so Games that’s all the answer you’re going to get. Thank you. And you’re going to have to hurry. We have orders to shoot on sight. [KNOCKING ON DOOR] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Mr. Muller FALCON: Heads up, Cap. German special forces approaching from the south. Understood. Do you know me? You’re Steve. I read about you in a museum. FALCON: They’ve set the perimeter. I know you’re nervous. And you have plenty of reason to be. But you’re lying. I wasn’t in Vienna. I don’t do that anymore. They’re entering the building. Well, the people who think you did are coming here now. And they’re not planning on taking you alive. That’s smart. Good strategy. FALCON: They’re on the roof. I’m compromised. This doesn’t have end in a fight, Buck. It always ends in a fight. FALCON: seconds. You pulled me from the river. Why? I don’t know. FALCON: seconds! Yes, you do. FALCON: Breach! Breach! Breach! Buck, stop! You’re gonna kill someone. I’m not gonna kill anyone. Come on man. Sam, south. West rooftop. Who the hell’s the other guy? I’m about to find out. Sam. Got it. Stand down! Stand down! Sam, I can’t shake this guy. Right behind you. Stand down. Now. Congratulations, Cap. You’re a criminal. Your Highness. A pinch of paprika. A pinch. Is that Paprikash? I thought it might Games lift your spirits.