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Lizzie Mcguire Fast Racer like you easily attract others. You can drink to relieve yourself. But, that’s not for long Because men, in the end, will only like a real woman Have you ever see a man likes another man?l Jerk Have you ever see a man this good looking? Have you, huh? Even just to protect you, I can’t. We’re walking about here, to avoid going across people we know Wear a pair of sunglasses But, why is it that you always have break up everytime? Are you a rabbit? I am a turtle, ok? And I think, if a woman falls in love, doesn’t always has a definite time nor duration.l Oh right, a rabbit Even though I’m not that great a man, I am quite a good man.l Man? Physically, you are a man. But game Is it going to rain, today?l Rain? I don’t think so Let’s shake hands.l We just want to relax on our free timel Shake hands, ok! My temper, attentive, and thorough self is like this You’re just a petty person.l There’s a good spirit, and there are rules.l You mean, dull Just being nice, at this rate It’s because you don’t feel your attraction affected. You’re a man, but you can’t drink What then? What is a true man? There are two kinds of man: one that have money, or one that’s handsome, for now only those two And then? Push her straight against the wall. If not, keep it along until the end Why am I so turned on? Can’t you work well? If you flirt on him, I’ll break your legs If you dare to get close to him, you know what’ll happen? You’re dead! Oppa.l I’m back Did you play with those people again at the dance bar? Just break up with that girl.l For me, what will you take off? This?l I want to be a naughty one, too Someday, I can get out of troubles too My dear, why have you become this pretty? Oppa, do you think I’m pretty? I’m not pretty Can I game ?l There’s fruit fragrance on your body Oppa I really want to do it, but I hold myself. I want to keep us until the end I’ve been waiting for you forever.l Min A You guys really don’t have the intention to do business You eat pig feet, customers also order pig feet. But, there’s no pig feet in menu If